How we produce


Being respectful to nature, supporting fauna and flora of our soil, under organic farming principles, we grow olive trees of different ages. We treat every single tree as a child and respect their needs and we give them time to grow and to bear fruit.

Our olives are composed of regional varieties that have perfect harmony with micro-climate. Minimal machine intervention allows us to keep our carbon footprint at a very low level. Neither chemical fertilizers nor any chemical pesticides are used. Harvesting is done only by hand.

By following the laws of nature and recent scientific studies, we work for continuous improvement and adjustment in our method of cultivation.


Olives are harvested by hand during ideal maturity and harvested by conventional methods. Processed within a few hours; low acidity, rich taste and high nutritional value are guaranteed.

Sorting & Washing

In the first stage of production, fresh olives pass through large fans that separate leaves, thin branches, soil, dust and stones. Then, the olives are washed twice with water meticulously.

Crushing & Kneading

Olives are turned into olive paste. In order to obtain the paste for separating olive oil, after our fruits are broken, traditional 40 minutes of malaxation (kneading) process begins. It is kneaded to facilitate solid-liquid separation.

Separation Phase

Kneaded olive paste is taken to Decanter  and “Cold Press” method is uset to extract as oil, pyrene and black water. The process is based on accumulation of heavier water below and lightweight oil below. By this method, Seosfarm protects the high quality of olive oil and valuable polyphenol resources.

Resting & Packaging

After separation phase, our oils are transported to stainless steel storage tanks of 6000 L . They are left to rest at 19 ° C and after that they are packed and delivered to you.

As Seosfarm, we reduce the contact with oxygen while maintaining the purity and value of olive oil throughout the production process. While offering you a delicious olive oil experience, we guarantee the highest quality with extra care.