Organic Special Series Extra Virgin Olive Oil *

The taste and texture of olive oil can be defined by the variety and location of the olive. Seosfarm Special Series and Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a mixture of two different olives: Memecik and Erkence. This high-antioxidant mixture represents three notes of taste. It offers a fruity flavor first, then a sharp and then a fragrant medium intensity flavor.

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* This product has been awarded in silver degree in the 11th National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Competition (2018).

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is separated from extra virgin olive oil by harvesting period. With this difference in harvest time, we obtain different flavors and tastes.


Organic Delice Olive Oil

We can produce this special oil with low acidity in limited quantities.  We produce “Delive Oil” by collecting "Delice" olives of our centuries old olive trees living in Seferihisar. Drop this special oil onto your bread and enjoy its superior flavor, we recommend you to use it especially in breakfasts and salads. Our limited production in this range will increase over the years but will always be limited!


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