Membership Agreement

1- Approval of the Agreement

If you wish to become a member of our Web Site, you must first fill out the registration form and agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the Web Page Membership Agreement. The User is deemed to have committed to comply with Web Page agreement from the moment he completes and approves the registration form or receives service or gives orders using this system.

2- Definition of Services

Members who approve the Web Site agreement have the opportunity to make purchases from our Web Site.

3- Our Web Site Membership System

A member of our Web Site has a user name (e-mail) and password that he or she will specify.

The user name is unique to the member and the same user name is not given to two different members.

The password is only known by the user. User can change password whenever he/she wants to. Selection and protection of the password is completely the responsibility of the user. Our Website is not responsible for any problems arising from the use of passwords.

In order for the user to be able to connect to member services in our Web Site, username and password must be entered. This process is defined as “login” to our Web Site.

4- Member’s Obligations

Member acknowledges and undertakes the following when he / she uses our Web Services.

  • The information on the registration form is correct; and where such information is necessary (such as forgotten password), the responsibility for the loss caused by wrong or incomplete information belongs to the member; in such cases the membership may be terminated.
  • The copyright of the services and software provided at our Web Site belongs to our Web Site.
  • Member agrees that it is his / her own responsibility for the personal information that he / she submits when using the Web Site services, his / her personal opinions, statements, files added to Web Site environment, and our Web Site are not responsible for any of these information and files.
  • In the services provided by our Web Site, in some cases information for older than age 18 may be included and our Web Site may not be held responsible.
  • Our Web Site is not responsible for the information messages and files that will be lost and / or incomplete, incorrectly addressed during use of the Services.
  • Member shall not receive any services rendered on our Web Site other than the way specified by our Web Site and without authorization and shall not change the software in any way. The Member shall be liable for all loss that our Web Site may suffer when he/she shall not comply with said items.
  • Our Web Site is not responsible for damages that may result from unauthorized access to member information.
  • Member shall not send threatening, immoral, racist messages contrary to laws of Republic of Turkey, and international laws.
  • Aliases that can be used as a user name must be in accordance with general moral, etiquette, and legal rules,
  • Member shall not harass or threaten other users.
  • The member must not act in a way that affects other users’ service usage.
  • Member shall not publish or distribute any of the names of persons, institutions or institutions in any way that is infamous, cheating, unethical, improper, or unlawful.
  • Not to advertise, not to offer to sell any goods or services, not to conduct surveys, contests, or chain letters,
  • Any records or materials obtained by using our Web Services are within the member’s own discretion. Failure on User’s computer, the loss of information and other losses are the responsibility of the member. Member will not claim compensation from our Web Site for any damages that may result from its use.
  • User may not use our Web Page services for commercial purposes without obtaining permission from our Web Page.
  • Our Web Page can monitor entire system at any time or continuously.
  • If the member is in contravention of the rules, Our Web Site shall have the right to be in the necessary interventions and to withdraw the member from service and to terminate the membership.
  • Not to distribute unauthorized mail such as chain mail, software virus, etc., which are prohibited from posting information prohibited by law.
  • Not to register or misuse personal information belonging to others.
  • Member acknowledges that he / she is responsible for any transaction that he / she will perform with his/her user name.
  • Customer must make purchases on the system via a valid credit card. If the credit card is not valid, the he/she cannot make purchases.
  • Customers are required to show a valid identification card, to permit the registration of relevant identification information and to sign the relevant places when requested during the delivery of goods. If they do not sign, the product(s) cannot be delivered to them.
  • If the product is being received by another person, the person who shall receive the product must sign a document that the person who delivers the product to him on behalf of our Web Site knows the person who sent the product to him/her. If the document is not signed, the product may not be delivered and therefore the order is deemed invalid.