Privacy and Security Policy

Providing a more secure internet media for our members will always be a top priority. For this reason, we have some privacy rights for our members to feel comfortable and not to be suspicious when performing site operations. These rights that our members have are listed below:

Your contact details, especially your e-mail address, shall not be distributed to other organizations for any reason and will not be used for advertising, promotion, or marketing purposes. However, the campaigns that we have made for you as our members will be notified to you if you wish. By clicking on the links that you do not want to receive mail in the newsletter mails to be sent to you, you can remove yourself from lists.

Membership information and personal information you share with us shall not be given to any other company except your approval. However, this information will be used to determine your customer profile within our site. If necessary, you can cancel your membership and delete all your information from the system, or you can just cancel e-bulletin notifications. (If you want to completely deactivate your membership, please send your username, and e-mail address information to with the subject “delete membership”. Your membership will be deleted from the system on the same day.)

When you fill out the membership form, you may inform us of any personal and communication information requested from you within your own initiative, except as required fields. If you have information that you do not want to share with us, you do not have to fill out or flag these fields. Mandatory fields are marked with *.

Only you can access all the information by member signing in and only you can change and delete them. It is not possible for another member to access and change information about you. Therefore, you should not share your username and password with anyone.

Credit card information you provide on purchases at our web site is not recorded by our system or third-party systems. You are redirected to our payment page with secure SSL connections.

With these principles, your personal rights are guaranteed by us.