Delivery and Return Policy

Your orders will be delivered to shipping company within a maximum of 3 business days (Monday-Friday) after bank transaction is approved.

The delivery times of special productions vary according to the production time. Delivery information and deadlines for such products are indicated on product pages.

In case of any inconvenience caused by us, we will inform you using your membership contact information. So, it is important that your membership information is complete and true. Delivery is not done on weekends and feast days.

All of the products you choose will be delivered to you by contractual shipping company guarantee.

Open and check the packages you think that are damaged during shipment in front of the shipping company’s representative. If you think that there is any damage to the product, do not accept delivery of the product by keeping a record with the shipping company.

After the product is delivered, it is assumed that the shipping company completely fulfills its mission.

If the product is damaged: Please inform us at and send the record prepared with the shipping company as soon as possible.

After you perform these operations, we will start to work on your package and ensure that delivery is repeated as soon as possible.

The products you purchased will be reported with a confirmation e-mail. If any of the products you purchased is not available in stock, we shall communicate you via e-mail or phone and ask your decision about the process. is an online shopping site. It allows multiple users to shop simultaneously. Even if it is rare, consumers sometimes buy the same product, and the product runs out of stock. In this case;

If the product that you made the payment through internet is out of stock, you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone and the next process shall be decided. In case the product cannot be supplied, or alternative cannot be produced, the payment made by the customer is returned.