Organic Delice Olive Oil

212.00 TL310.00 TL

We can produce this special oil with low acidity in limited quantities.  We produce “Delive Oil” by collecting “Delice” olives of our centuries old olive trees living in Seferihisar. Drop this special oil onto your bread and enjoy its superior flavor, we recommend you to use it especially in breakfasts and salads. Our limited production in this range will increase over the years but will always be limited!

Nutrition facts for 100 g
Energy900 kcal / 3.768 kj
Monounsaturated fat72.52 %
Polyunsaturated fat10.75 %
Saturated fat16.73 %
  • Store in a cool, sun-free place.
  • Frozen in cold, re-dissolving does not affect quality.
  • It has been produced in accordance with Turkish Food Code, Edible Olive Oil and Pirina Oil Regulations.
  • It was processed and packaged in S.S Gödence Village Agricultural Development Cooperative. Business Registration No TR-35-K019333
  • It has been produced in accordance with the guidelines for organic farming and its applications and has been controlled and certified by Ceres GmbH.